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Retirement of Paolo D'Arcangelo
11 January 2021

General Director of Officine Luigi Resta Paolo D'Arcangelo retired on 31 December after 45 years in the company. Paolo started working in the company at the beginning of 1976, when he was 22, as assistant to the Procurement Manager.In 1981 he became responsible for that department, and in 1992 was promoted to Commercial Manager of the company.Later, in 2004, Mr D'Arcangelo joined the Board of Directors with the qualification of General Director.... Read more...

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    ESAB offer guidance for welding duplex stainless steels

    01 January 2021

    A team of engineers from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products’ Process Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, demonstrated that the pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) value of duplex stainless steel alloys may lead to a misleading prediction of pitting corrosion resistance in the as-welded material. ESAB research results, published a technical paper in the April 2020 issue of Saudi Journal of Engineering & Technology, concluded that in the event of an imbalance of d (delta) ferrite and austenite volume fraction, the chemical composition of the phases may be very different from that of the alloy. 

    PREN values are a predictive measurement of a stainless steel's resistance to localized pitting corrosion based on its chemical composition. PREN is frequently specified when stainless steels will be exposed to seawater or other solutions with a high chloride concentration.

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