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Kuhn Special Steel exhibits its products at OTC
13 May 2019

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is one of the world’s largest gatherings of businesses in the offshore oil industry with more than 2,300 exhibitors from over 100 countries.... Read more...

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Global Duplex Stainless Steel Market Report Analysis

27 February 2019

The Global Duplex Stainless Steel Market has been flaunting a considerable growth since the last couple of decades and inducing investors to become one of the robust industries which influences the international economic structure widely. The global Duplex Stainless Steel report provides a complete structural outline and extensive evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steel market. The report comprises analysis of numerous significant market facets including growth pattern, market value, market size and so forth.

Duplex Stainless Steel Manufacturer Segment Analysis (Company and Product introduction, Sales Volume, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin): (1) Sandvik Materials Technology; (2) Tata Steel; (3) Arcelormittal S.A.; (4) Rolled Alloys Inc.; (5) Valbruna Stainless Inc.; (6) Titan Metal Fabricators.

Duplex Stainless Steel Application Segment Analysis (Consumption Volume and Market Share; Downstream Customers and Market Analysis): (1) Oil & Gas Industry; (2) Desalination Industry; (3) Chemical Industry; (4) Pulp & Paper Industry; (5) Construction Industry.

The global Duplex Stainless Steel market report presents a reliable and authentic analysis that provides anticipated values and statistics derived by thoroughly examining historic and present sitch of the Duplex Stainless Steel market. The forecast analysis includes estimated values of market size, share, revenue, and growth rate.

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